Pony Farm Complete!

I’ve been kinda casually farming ponies, sometimes being quite lucky and getting it after one fight…and other times where seeing a drop is ultra rare (let alone getting a good roll on it as well!). But alas, my efforts did pay off and I got myself the Kirin Mount! ❤

Extreme Primals Ponies

GullfaxiThe Navel (Extreme) – Titan

XanthosThe Howling Eye (Extreme) – Garuda

AithonThe Bowl of Embers (Extreme) – Ifrit

EnbarrThe Whorleater (Extreme) – Leviathan

MarkabThe Striking Tree (Extreme) – Ramuh

BoreasAkh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme) – Shiva


Kirin appears!

Kirin and the Extreme Primal PoniesAcquiring Kirin Fife

Kirin Fife get! :3



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