I’m back!

AF Samurai in Kugane

Hi guys! Well…It only took 5 months to go back home on foot, but I’m finally back from fanfest! (〃´∀`;) Jokes aside, apologies on the lack updates – I realised that my last post was one I made just before going to the EU fanfest in Frankfurt which was way back in February but don’t worry, I’ll slowly fill in the gaps with some nostalgic throwback posts 😉

So. Here we are. It’s now July 2017; Stormblood has been released for almost a month, I have Samurai and Black Mage levelled up to max, main story all complete, extreme primal fights on farm and the normal Omega raid cleared. In just a few days the savage tier of Omega will be unlocked and Team Floor Huggers Ltd. will be at it again! And this time I’ll be going as Samurai ^^;

Tengu Samurai in KuganeSamurai Zantetsuken KuroganeSamurai jumpSamurai in the skies Samurai and Bard posers Kugane


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