FFXIV FanFest EU is right round the corner!

Final Fantasy FanFestEeeee! FanFest EU is coming close and with just 3 days to go I’m sorting out all my bits in preparation for the event! For anyone else that is going and needs a mini checklist, don’t forget to bring:

  • FanFest Ticket
  • Free Travel Ticket – RMV Kombiticket that comes with the FanFest Ticket (sent be email!)
  • Nobuo Uematsu Signing Session Ticket – if you were one of the lucky ones that managed to get one
  • ID
  • All your other travel essentials (I’ll be travelling from another country so things like passport, boarding pass, accomodation tickets etc.)

Square Enix released more details about the specifics of the event in their recent blog post so at least now I know where I need to be and when!

There’s sooo much to look out for and I hope I’ll be able to see everything that FanFest has to offer ^^

For anyone reading my blog and are going to FanFest, feel free to say hi to me 🙂 I’ll be travelling with the Narshe Red Wings FC (apparently ~35 of us are going?!) so we shouldn’t be too hard to find 😛

For those of you who aren’t going to FanFest, hopefully you’ll be able to watch the stream! I’m actually taking part in the PvP tournament and I’m not sure if they’ll be showing the preliminary matches…but I’m sure they’ll be showing the semi-finals and finals matches! Hopefully my team will get past the preliminaries ^^’ and if we do I hope you will all be rooting for me yes? ♥


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