Chilling with friends in Eorzea – TBT

There comes a point when you’ve run out of things to do …or just too plain lazy to do them all ^^’ A group of friends and I decided to slow things down and chill-out together :3

Powerpuff girls - Final Fantasy XIV version
Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles – FFXIV version of the Powerpuff Girls? xD
Samurai Glamour
Samurai came out early? 😉
Reiku and the Ugly Duckling in The Shroud
Reiku and the Ugly Duckling – The Shroud has some epic scenery *o*
Rally with friends
Engaging in general japery – boop boop boop!
Sitting on some random boat
Resting a little from all the bants 😛
Emerald Carbuncle Campfire / Bonfire
Starting the Carbuncle campfire *w*
Sitting in a circle around the Carbuncle campfire
The ultimate Carby campfire in all its glory! >;D

To be honest, what really makes FFXIV a great game is the community and the friends I’ve made on this game! ❤


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