Homeowner in The Mist! ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Woohoo! Reiku Seraphia is officially a homeowner in The Mist on Odin Server! If you’re on Odin, feel free to visit~ Ward 10, Plot 29!

FFXIV The Mist Housing Plot 29 day time
Lovely daytime weather in The Mist, plot 29 ❤

The release of patch 3.3 came 4 new wards for every residential district: The Mist, Lavender Beds and The Goblet. Additionally housing prices were adjusted for all Worlds:


If my maths is correct… each ward has 60 houses (30 houses in the main division and an additional 30 in its subdivision). So 240 houses per residential district were up for grabs when patch 3.3 hit. That’s 720 houses across all three districts.

In the past there was a mad rush for housing and most of the plots were bought up almost instantly. This was pretty much the same. I was hoping to get one of the small houses closest to the beach front (plots 19, 20 or 21) and the medium-sized house on plot 6 also looked really nice. Unfortunately by the time I managed to log on, all of these plots were bought across all the new wards! Luckily there were still some plots available and I could pick and choose a little… I so happen to be looking at plot 29 debating whether I should get it or not when I could literally see the other plots being bought up and 3 or 4 people running up the stairs toward my direction, I kinda panicked and ended up buying it ^^’

FFXIV The Mist Housing Plot 29 night time
Night time view of The Mist, plot 29 *o*
FFXIV The Mist Housing Plot 29 Stone Estate
Reiku looks even tinier with a medium-size house (*〇□〇)……!
FFXIV The Mist Housing Plot 26 and 29 Neighbours
Met the new neighbour and she’s a cute lala too! ❤
FFXIV The Mist Housing Housewarming Gift
My new neighbour gave me a housewarming gift ( *¯ ³¯*)♡

Now comes the fun and hard bit of decorating the house!! Stay tuned for more pics soon ^^


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