Patch 3.3 – Revenge of the Horde is here!

Revenge of the Horde FFXIV Patch 3.3 Notes

Patch 3.3 is here woo! So I’ve decided to condense some of the information and make a check-list of things to unlock and do. So here goes! (no pics to prevent any spoilers :3) (If any thing is wrong or needs updating, feel free to leave a note in the comments!) 🙂

Official Full Release of the Patch 3.3 Notes can be found here.

Main Story Quests – prerequisite: ‘Causes and Costs‘ quest completed.

The first quest ‘The Man Within‘ starts in Ishgard (11,11) from the House Fortemps Knight.

Continuing the main story quests will eventually allow you to unlock Sohr Khai – a 4-man dungeon that will be part of the expert roulettes.

Completing all of the main story quests will unlock the quest ‘Niddhog’s Rage‘ which starts in Mor Dhona (21,8) from Alys. This will unlock the Nidhogg Extreme fight.

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) – prerequisites: ‘Heavensward‘ and ‘King of the Hull‘ quests completed.

This 4-man dungeon can be unlocked without having to do any of the 3.3 main story quests. The quest ‘Storming the Hull‘ starts in Limsa Lominsa (11,10) from Denston.

The Weeping City of Mhach – prerequisite: ‘To Rule the Skies‘ quest completed.

This 24-man dungeon can also be unlocked without having to do any of the 3.3 main story quests. The quest ‘The Weeping City‘ starts in The Sea of Clouds (6,5) from Stacia.

Hildibrand – prerequisite: ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback‘ quest completed.

The next part of the Hildibrand quest ‘The Gigi Situation‘ starts in Ishgard (9,11) from Cyr.

Aquapolis – ggested party size: 8

This is a new special instance that appears after finding and opening treasure coffers from Dragonskin Treasure Maps. Inside, you can explore and open treasure chests that activate traps. When triggered enemies will spawn and once they are defeated you can loot the chest.

A Vault Key will also drop that will allow the party to go through one of two available doors. If lucky, you can progress and get more loot! Otherwise it’s time to leave the Aquapolis. There are 7 chambers in total:

  • Chambers 1-3 = low-tier loot
  • Chambers 4-6 = medium-tier loot
  • Final Chamber = high-tier loot +100k gil

Bonus mobs can spawn that give additional loot.

Beast Tribe Daily Quests – prerequisites: ‘Into the Aery‘ and ‘Laying the First Brick‘ quests completed.

The next set of beast tribe quests involve our furry ‘friends’, the moogles. These are crafting dailies which have a minimum requirement of level 50 in a Disciple of the Hand.


The Fate of Stars‘ starts in the Rising Stones (6,5) from Unukalhai.

The Paths We Walk‘ starts in the Fortemps Manor (6,6) from House Fortemps Manservant.

Relic – prerequisite: ‘Finding Your Voice‘ quest completed.

The next part in the relic quest is ‘A Dream Fulfilled‘ in Azys Lla (7,11) from Ardashir.

Fields of Glory (Shatter) – new PvP Frontline which is automatically unlocked for players who have unlocked Frontlines previously. The first Grand Company to accumulate the required amount of data wins the match. There are several ways to gain data:

  • Occupying Allagan Tomeliths
  • Destroying Icebound Tomeliths
  • Slaying the enemy team

Additional Notes:

  • Vanu Vanu and Vath beast tribe vendors sell outfits so you can look like them xD
  • The Ixali beast tribe (crafting) dailies now reward Grade IV gathering or crafting materia.
  • There’s a new quest icon that looks like +! which indicates it unlocks a new feature or duty.
  • New housing wards and plots. Also new furnishings! Flowerpots can be placed indoors and you can use them like garden plots.
  • Piggy costume :3 from Gold Saucer.
  • Fenrir mount can fly now 😮
  • New hairstyles.
  • New emotes.
  • Class/Jobs have been ‘balanced’ 😛
  • PvP actions & traits presets (finally!)
  • Raid Finder – allowing players to match with people from other servers for Midas Savage content.



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