Lalafell Tea Party

A friend of mine casually mentioned that there was going to be a lalafell tea party going on… soon there were /shouts in all the major cities to get as many lalas involved! ❤

It started off pretty tame at first… ^^

Chilling before the party Lala girl friends The Cool Corner / The Shy LalasLala Astrologian Twin








Then the fun glamours started coming out ^^b

Tea party bouncers Miniature Odins! Also, casual Au Ra in the background Lalafells of all shapes and sizes, also Miqo'te... The Wailing Spirits join the tea party








Then more people joined and the party was at {Full Swing} ^^; /cheer

Miqo'te and Au Ra joining inLalafell Tea Party Warming Up Manderville Dance Lalafells' dance table Disco ball joy Dance party psych! Heavenscracker Celebration Heavenscracker popper Crazy Lalafell PartyRealm Reborn Red Celebration

















Best potato party 2016. Lots of love to all my lalafell friends on Odin! ❤


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