Final Fantasy Fans in UK and the Narshe Red Wings

Over the last year I’ve been going to a few of the Final Fantasy events in London. Some of these include Square Enix sales events and various concerts such as Distant Worlds, Final Symphony, Piano Opera and A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy.

There were also fan-based events happening and I unfortunately missed the first FFU (Final Fantasy Union) | FFUKF (Final Fantasy UK Fans) Fan Gathering… however, I made it to the second gathering event and it was absolutely amazing!


Pretty much at every event that I’ve been to, I’ve bumped into other FFXIV players and noticed many of them wearing grey hoodies with their character name and ‘Narshe Red Wings‘ on it.

Hollie with Yoshi-P with the Narshe Red Wings hoodie
Even Yoshi-P has one of these hoodies! o(*≧□≦)o

I’ve known a couple of friends that played FFXIV that were in this Free Company (FC) on Moogle server and did consider transferring there back in June 2015… but I ended up on Odin server with a few other friends. It was at the fan gathering event that I got to know more of the lovely people in Narshe Red Wings which eventually has persuaded me to at least make an alt character on Moogle and join the FC ❤


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